Angezeigt wird [Accessories] von Art 80000 bis 81000
GerätBeschreibungCodePreis excl.+22%
ST1 for KRT2Connector with soldering aid (KRT2)ST1-KRT217,2121,00
ST1 for KTX2Connector with soldering aid (KTX2)ST1-KTX217,2121,00
KBS1 Cable set with open ends unilateralKBS1109,75133,90
KBS2 Tandem harness with 2 sockets for microphone and headsetKBS2189,83231,59
KBS3 Tandem harness (glider) with remote wiringKBS3152,90186,54
Plug adaptor KRT2 - Becker 3201Plug adaptor KRT2 - Becker 3201KRT2-320189,00108,58
Plug adaptor KRT2 - Becker 4201Plug adaptor KRT2 - Becker 4201KRT2-420189,00108,58
Plug adaptor KRT2 - Filser ATR 720 and Dittel FSG 40/50/60Plug adaptor KRT2 - Filser ATR 720 and Dittel FSG 40/50/60KRT2-72089,00108,58
Plug adaptor KRT2 - Dittel FSG 71 / FSG 2TPlug adaptor KRT2 - Dittel FSG 71 / FSG 2TKRT2-7189,00108,58
Plug adaptor KRT2 - Funkwerk ATR 500Plug adaptor KRT2 - Funkwerk ATR 500KRT2-50089,00108,58
FSGF-01 mounting frameFSGF-01 mounting frame for KRT2 to FSG40/50/60FSGF-0127,6333,71
DA-01Cable-Amplifier for dynamic microphoneDA-0119,2023,42
KBS - KTX2For transponderKBS-KTX225,0030,50
LX Eos KRT2 cableCommunication cable for KRT2EOS-KRT250,0061,00
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