Angezeigt wird [Ultralight] von Art 50000 bis 51000
GerätBeschreibungCodePreis excl.+22%
LX 528Main unit 2.8 size, OATLX5281.570,001.915,40
LX 528-4.3Main unit 4.3 size, OAT (produced after request - up to 2 months delivery)LX528-431.790,002.183,80
LX 528-5.5,Main unit 5.5 size, OAT (produced after request - up to 2 months delivery)LX528-551.890,002.305,80
LX SalusBackup instrument with internal battery for 3h. Basic navigation WP, RTESALUS999,001.218,78
LX Airdat IISalus (vario scale), Altitude indicator, IAS indicatorAIRDAT21.499,001.828,78
LX RPMStandalone RPM indicator wih totalizerRPM250,00305,00
Flarm options when buying in set
Zeus FlarmFlarm dipole antenna, Flarm SD, Flarm is not logger!ZEUS-F390,00475,80
Zeus Flarm IGCFlarm dipole antenna, Flarm SD, Flarm IGC, LED external displayZEUS-FI590,00719,80
Zeus Flarm ENLThe same as Flarm IGC with ENL sensor integrated ZEUS-FE690,00841,80
Zeus Flarm Colour display IIChange LED to Colour Display IIZEUS-F-C2130,00158,60
LX AHRS BoxAHRS Plug and play moduleLX-AHRS-BOX690,00841,80
Horis 57AHRS standalone 57mm unitHORIS-57890,001.085,80
Horis 80AHRS standalone 80mm unitHORIS-80990,001.207,80
MaguMagnetic unit for HorisMAGU450,00549,00
LX NavBox An indicator for LX Zeus, LX EosIND-NAVBOX190,00231,80
LX GPS mouseGps mouse for LX 528LXGPS-MOUSE50,0061,00
Flap sensorFlap sensorFLAP-Z250,00305,00
LX Joy 19.3 mmStick version 19.3 (DG, LAK, Schempp Hirth)JOY-18290,00353,80
LX Joy 20 mmStick version 20mm (LS, Stemme, Apis)JOY-20290,00353,80
LX Joy 24 mmStick version 24 mm (Schleicher, Pipistrel Taurus, JS)JOY-24290,00353,80
LX Joy Start button (SH)Option for LX Joy red button - Schempp Hirth start buttonJOY-S90,00109,80
LX Joy Trim optionOption for LX Joy - trim switch (EB 28, EB 29)JOY-T150,00183,00
57 mm IAS, ALT, VARIO indicatorDigital indicator with scaleLX-IAS-ALT-VARIO350,00427,00